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Mike Chuney, Founder & Creative Director of Making Pretend Productions LLC

Mike is following his dream… 

Well, not the one where he’s flying above Metropolis with Lois Lane in his arms while thousands of admirers below shout their chorus of praise in appreciation for saving the day - but still. At least he doesn't have to worry about taking his cape to the dry cleaners. 

He has created a body of work that’s taken him absolutely nowhere. But, that’s never what it’s about. An artist and teacher for 28 years, Mike still believes that the best movie ever made is still waiting to be created.

"Tell the best story you can; the story that lifts you, surprises you, and stays with you long after the credits end.”
About Making Pretend Productions
What makes us so special? 

Our team is distinctive because we will strive to make movies that should always have “another life / the other life” in another venue or festival after we’ve screened it for each other in the living room. We'll always work together - questioning the absolutes, bending those so-called rules and always striving never to repeat ourselves. That includes all of us... on and off the screen.
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"A Producer, produces!"
Mike Chuney, Independent Filmmaker
Photo: A Pagana